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Welcome to the International Academy of the Millennium!

International Academy of the Millennium was established on October 1st 2017. It was formerly named as Millennium Academy International (MAI) but due to the upgrading the quality of the school’s services and certification, some changes applied. Upon applying to the new licensing authority for international English teaching, the school changed its name to International Academy of the Millennium (IAM) school of education.


International Academy of the Millennium has been in the academe for several years and continue to pursue its vision, mission and goals which is to:



Build a highly competitive school of education, and be a globally recognized language institution.


To provide professional and conducive learning environment to students at different levels. As well as to Promote diversity as it relates in creating meaningful language learning.



To position I AM (School of Education) as a leading school of education worldwide;


To become one of the top 20 schools of education in Japan and worldwide in terms of good quality education.


Kanagawa Ken Yokohama Shi Naka ku Furocho Cho 1-2-1

Chuo dai 6 Kannai bldg 302 231-0031

9038076444 JAPAN

09669563390 PHILIPPINES

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